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Vintage 2014

Woman at Vineyard



  • Robe:

    • beautiful yellow gold with silver glints

    • fine persistent bubbles

  • Aroma: 

    • bursts with rich white fruit notes

    • a hint of brioche aroma

  • Flavour: 

    • instant and intense attack

    • ends in a powerful and full aftertaste

Blending & Techniques


  • Blending

    • 50% Chardonnay

    • 50% Pinot Noir

    • Grape varieties grown using sustainable age-old methods

    • 60 year old vines

  • Winemaking techniques

    • Malolactic fermentation in vat winemaking process only for exceptional harvests

  • Analytical Features

    • ​6g/l sugar dosage


Wine and Food Pairings

  • Highly recommended to lover of body and powerful aromas of vintage wine

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